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We employ the latest dry cleaning and laundry techniques and training methods thus ensuring our customers get the very best dry cleaning services available. Our aim is a very simple – to provide customers with the very latest dry cleaning and laundry services and to deliver that service in a professional, ethical and responsible manner. Our equipment is the latest available ensuring our results are the best you can get in the Gulu and beyond. We do everything to get our service right and please our customers with results. We are offering wide range of services (see below) and same day collection. Simply the best and quickest!



We offer a dry cleaning service for practically any clothing item. Prior to cleaning we examine every garment and treat stains and soiling to assist the cleaning process. As a matter of course, all garments are re-textured to help maintain the original feel of the fabric. Clothes are then hand finished and quality checked before being packaged ready for collection.



Our great value laundry service is ideal for everyday clothes, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tops, pyjamas and even household textiles like bed linen. We offer a fully finished laundry service for all your bed and table linen. This is carried out by a specialist laundry whose washing technology ensures some of the best whiteness in the industry whilst caring for your fabrics. All items are fully ironed and hygienically sealed in polythene ready for storage, or your immediate use.






Whatever your ironing needs we have a service to suit you. Whether it’s a spring clean, your whole week’s ironing or just a few shirts, when it’s all become too much, we will iron it to the highest standards and return it to you fresh and ready to wear.


The dry cleaning of curtains is the most effective way to clean your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. Failure to regularly dry clean your curtains makes the removal of dirt more difficult and over time can damage the fabric. Our full service package provides a hassle free way of cleaning your curtains.


When it comes to blankets you may well have heard about the various micro organisms that can inhabit bedding and the harm they can do to asthma sufferers as well as those with sensitive skin, leading to irritation and scratching. Our process not only cleans your blanket, but sanitizes it as well, helping to eliminate this problem. All blankets are cleaned in industrial size washers and driers at a temperature which will ensure it is returned clean and sanitized.


We also provide professional carpet cleaning system with equipment which is highly effective and uses foam and high-powered spray extraction.

The results:

  • Your carpet is dry in 2 hours
  • Your carpet is hygienically clean
  • Allergens produced by household mites are reduced
  • The pile is beautifully restored, and the colours appear brighter


Your treasured dress will be inspected and pre-spotted before a delicate specialist cleaning process is carried out. The dress will then be re-inspected and finally steam pressed and hand finished.

Attractive storage boxes are available in which your dress can be professionally packaged in acid- free tissue, to preserve its colour and condition over many years.



Formal wear can be required for many occasions. Whether it’s a special wedding, graduation ceremony, Christmas party or a corporate event, the focus is so often the outfit. If you’re relying on a special garment which has been hung in your wardrobe for several months – a ball gown or dinner suit for instance, there’s every chance it will need freshening up and carefully pressing. Instead of trying to wash your delicate garment at home, we can ensure your precious clothes get the special treatment they deserve.


We provides a suede, sheepskin, and leather cleaning service for a range of garments and items, including; coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle leathers and handbags.

Our experienced suede and leather cleaning team are highly trained to produce exceptional results in restoring suede, sheepskin and leather to as near the original condition as possible. In the case of sheepskin rugs, our professional cleaning and brushing service can restore them to look as good as new. We also provide a re-waxing service for leathers.

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in suede and leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining and whether any alterations or repairs are requested.


We provide executive service to all sizes business (hotels, restaurants, etc).  Simply sign the contract (short or long term) and we will take care of all your textile cleaning needs. Done to the highest standards and always on time. Great offers available for long term contracts!


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