IVF & Fertility Clinic


Clinic is directed by certified obstetricians and gynaecologists with a side specialisation in reproductive medicines and experienced in providing state-of-the-art care for couples seeking fertility treatment. In addition to the expertise of the director, the Fertility Clinic uses a team of physicians from many specialties to aid in diagnosing and resolving fertility problems. The Clinic may call upon any of a number of specialists from the hospital to consult as necessary a two-part program of evaluation and treatment. First, a physician thoroughly evaluates the nature of the couple’s problems to determine the cause of infertility. A complete review of medical and reproductive histories is followed by a physical examination and appropriate diagnostic studies. After the evaluation has been completed, the physicians meet with the patients to outline a plan for therapy.


Mission Statement The GIH IVF Clinic is the premier provider of compassionate and patient focused fertility and reproductive services, with the utmost integrity and concern, delivered through a dedicated, diverse and experienced team of physicians and staff. The GIH IVE Clinic will strive to maintain its position as a leading provider of fertility and reproductive services throughout Africa through focus on a synerginistic infrastructure, scientifically proven methods and continued growth and development. By combining excellent patient and customer service with leading treatments and outcomes, the GIH IVF Clinic will become a world-class model of excellence in the field of reproductive medicine.

Ovarian Assessment Test for Fertility Treatment