Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Now Offering Botox and Filler Courses
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Cosmetic Surgery
At GIH we are dedicated to offering you the best plastic and cosmetic surgery care in Africa. Our plastic surgeons are some of the most well respected and experienced plastic surgeons in the whole country, some of them have experience with rhinoplasty Santa Barbara procedures. They specialise in Profhilo bioremodelling injectable treatment, and are one of the most experienced surgeons in the whole continent. Our services focus on facial and head contouring, breast and body contouring. Our facilities have cutting edge operating room technology and monitoring devices. We provide the highest standard of care to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for every patient. We also offer decent prices so that plastic surgery is more affordable and accessible than ever.


1. Your first appointment

After booking your free consultation, you will visit our hospital for an appointment with a Patient Care Co-ordinator. At this stage we will talk you through the likely costs and the process, from consultation through to surgery, results and aftercare, so you know exactly what to expect.

2. Consultation with your Surgeon

Following your initial appointment,you will be invited to a consultation with a Clinical Nurse. They will ask you about your medical history and what you hope to gain from surgery. They will then conduct a short examination of the area of your body you want to focus on and discuss your procedure in more detail, taking a class at might be all you need to get familiar. You will be given individual recommendations and advice on what you will be able to achieve.

3. Before your procedure

If you decide to go ahead, we will ask you to attend a pre-operative screening with a Clinical Nurse. This will assess your suitability for anaesthetic and ensure you are fitand healthy for surgery. Depending on your medical history, this could include a blood test. A pre-operative photograph will also be taken for your file.

4.Your procedure

Each procedure is unique and the exact details of your surgery will be given to you in your surgical consultation. However long you spend with us, you can rest assured you will experience the highest levels of comfort, hygiene and privacy. Constant monitoring of our staff and facilities means you will always be under expert care throughout your procedure.

5. Your aftercare

To ensure your best possible recovery, you will have a post-operative appointment with a Nurse and a review with your Surgeon. This will be an opportunity to discuss your results and decide on any further aftercare required. We will ensure that everything is healing well and you are happy with the result achieved. If you have a question or are worried about anything after your procedure, you can speak to our resident Nurse.

Our customers are our number one priority so their opinions are really important to us. We are delighted to say ours surgeons satisfaction rating is 98% and a third of their patients come to them through recommendations from their friends or family.
GIH Surgeons and Anaesthetists. During your time with GIH you will be in the care of highly qualified and experienced people. You can rest assured all our medical professionals have a licence to practice and are highly experienced worlds specialist. – We select only the most knowledgeable and skilful Surgeons to ensure you get results you are delighted with. – All our Anaesthetists are Consultant Anaesthetists, which means they have the highest level of experience possible.