Gulu Independent Hospital is part of a multinational firm that specializes in healthcare management with operation outfits in London, New York and Miami Florida, USA. Our hospital is equipped with the latest healthcare solutions, including one of the best software systems in the market, which helps with EHR coding and patient billing. Visit and get all the information.

The hospital sees patients from all walks of life and from most parts of Africa. GIH employ the latest techniques and most advanced technologies to solve medical cases and diagnostic problems. More importantly than the latest technology, however, is our firm belief that the team approach to solving medical cases provides superior results.

The vast resources of GIH provide us access to advanced 21st century technology that is not available to most hospitals in Africa because of cost. But the true secret to our success is effective use of our team. With access to multiple surgical and medical specialties. Between GIH physicians, fertility nutritionist and staff, more than 50 languages are spoken which helps in translation and understanding our culturally diverse patient groupings that come from Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, all corners of Uganda and expatriates community that reside in the regions.

In addition our patients have only to walk down the next room for a specialty consultation as oppose to traveling to another hospital across the country. Being part of a multinational outfit, GIH attracts exceptional professionals from all over the country and around the world and for whom financial compensation is of less importance than in private practice. Since GIH physicians and consultants are salaried. There is no financial motivation to order any but the most relevant tests or make necessary referrals. [/content_box]